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Honda ATC 350x Service ManualWelcome to Honda350x.com. The Honda ATC 350X is the king of the factory produced 4 stroke three wheelers. It offers incredible torque and speed but will still let you ride the back country trails all day long.

Even though this site is dedicated to the ATC 350X we don’t discriminate. We provide discussion, information, and pictures of all makes and models of three wheelers. We may even throw in a quad or two!

Here you’ll find a huge collection of 1985, 1986, and 1987 Honda ATC 350x information. We have service manuals, microfiche, repairs guides, tips & tips, advice, and other random three wheeler information. Additionally, we have almost every service manual ever made for 3 wheelers.

HELP WANTED – I have a forum and a bunch of information on this site, but lack the time for upkeep. I’m looking for someone to take over! Thanks! -dom
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