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About Honda 350x .com

Simply put, this site is geared for education, information, entertainment, and fun!  A compilation of web sites from around the world, videos, randomness, and other fine pieces of information.

About GeoD

GeoD pretty much has single-handily stood this site up.  I just torqued all the bolts down.

About Me

I’m Dom and this is my site. I’m an automotive enthusiast and have been wrenching on/tuning motorcycles and cars since I was in single digits.  I spent my junior and high school years in Okinawa, Japan.  That’s where I really got into cars and motorcycles as a hobby. To this day I still remember, in perfect detail, the many times skipping school to go to Sunabe Sports Land (near Sunabe Sea Wall) to race pocket bikes and drift go-karts all day.  Sadly, I blew high school completely off and paid for it later.  First favorite car is a Hachi-Roku (ハチロク). That’s Japanese for “eight-six”.  I’ve held all sorts of jobs in my life ranging from lifeguard, swim instructor, construction, facility maintenance, post office worker, boat captain, mechanic, campus security, night club bouncer, car shop manager, pawn shop clerk, tech support, and English teacher.  I ending up going to university and getting my degree in IT then choosing that career path.  I’ve run a few automotive enthusiast’s websites, but this one is 100% mine.  I don’t Facebook, Tweet, or do any of that other stupid shit.  I do, however, enjoy blogging and banging around on the internet. I was looking to have a trikes enthusiast that was mine. Which additionally, provides me a place to stay up-to-date on web technologies and an opportunity to improve. This is it.

My Garage

The daily driver is a 2010 Toyota Yaris, this unit does excellent on fuel.  On average I get 40 mpg with it, sometimes more!  The fair weather ride is the 1996 Harley Davidson Electra Glide nicely equipped with a S&S V111 engine, Baker OD6 tranny D&D fat cat pipe, and Rivera Primo 2″ open primary, and rolls on a pizza cutter rear tire.  My rolling toolbox is a 1999 Ford F350 Dually with a fifth wheel.  This unit has the legendary 7.3 turbo/inter-cooled diesel motor.  My snowmobile is a 1987 Suzuk Samurai which is just all around neato.  Wife drives around in a 2002 Toyota 4Runner Limited.  The back-up bike is a 1981 Kawasaki KZ1100 which just drips awesome!  The 2015 Kubota BX25D takes care of all my yard work.  The just-in-case mobile is a 2015 PJ tandem axle car trailer to bring anyone home who gets lost.  Stuff to big for the Dually goes in my Brimar landscape trailer. That’s about it for the toys with wheels, aside from my wood splitter and bicycles.  Oddly enough I’m even a fractional owner of two oils wells in Texas that help pay (albeit not much) for some of my fuel consumption.  Thanks Mom and Grandma!