View Full Version : Engine Swap - 200X Engine into 350X Difficulty Level

07-29-2012, 01:20 PM
I have a couple of 350X's (85 & 86) I'm refurbishing and would prefer to be able to swap a 200X engine into the 350X frames when desired for certain types or riding (exploring, hunting, etc), rather than have more bikes.

It would seem the 350X frame's "engine bay" would certainly hold a 200X engine and with proper engine mounts would also align the chain drive. Any chance some or all of the 200X engine mounts are a direct fit? Other than exhaust mounts, would any frame clearance issues be likely with a stock or stock shaped 200X exhaust? Any insights as to clearance issues for the kick start, once the sprockets are properly aligned? Air filtration clearance issues are not likely to concern me. Mounting a throttle and clutch from a 200X and leaving them "attached" to the 200X motor when swapping in and out would seem to most easily address those points. That leaves the wiring which is where I am totally in the dark?

I'm not asking for someone to design this for me, although I would love it if someone did. :-) I'm just looking for any insights and those would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Michael.

01-16-2015, 01:52 PM
Oddly, I am interested in putting a ATC200 engine into an ATC350X frame (I bet we're the only two on the planet). I have a 350X with a toasted motor and a 200 motor, carb, exhaust, & electrical without a frame. However, I don't want to modify the 350X frame at all, since I'd like to put a 350x motor back into it some day.

Did you have any luck?