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    how do i replace the valve guide seals on my 85 honda 350x

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    Just took my valve seals out last night. The seals themselves are easy. The hard part is getting to them. My engine is out of the bike right now, and I don't know if you could do it whith the engine still in. The valve springs have to come out, then you can get to the seals. The seals are just pushed on and have a little wire ring that keeps them there.
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    Hi Bob.
    My 350x has started to smoke to. I'm thinking valve seals. Lots of smoke and it warms up and no smoke. Spark plug a little dark but not dirty black. No loss of power and compresstion seems good. Having said all that, the motor is over 26 years old and had several previous owners. Do you just go in and do the seals or do you do a complete top end? It's definately alot more expensive and more work but if your gonna keep the trike it's worth considering. I've decided to do the top end. This puppy should be ready for another 26.
    Good luck! let me know how you make out.


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