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The new snow removal beast
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Thread: The new snow removal beast

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    Default The new snow removal beast

    Just got this 64 Willys Jeep delivered late last night (1am). Just in the nick of time too since my tractor is in the shop and it's dumping down snow. It has no muffler, no power steering or brakes, no heat/defrost, wipers don't work. But, the 4WD and plow do work! That's all that counts. I RainX'd and anti-fogged the crap out of the windows. I was just able to squeeze into the driver's seat because the steering wheel is so damn big. This Jeep is a beast to drive! LOL! Sure beats shoveling the driveway!

    Just for the record. I'm about done with this snow crap!! We got almost 40" this year so far!

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