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How did I do? First 350x
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Thread: How did I do? First 350x

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    Default How did I do? First 350x

    Hello all! My first time posting on the site after recently acquiring an 85 350x.

    Let me know what you guys think of my purchase. I drove several hundred miles and got burned twice on good ole craigslist ads before I was finally able to horse trade and sell some good stuff (including a cherry 81 ATC200) to acquire this beast!

    From what I can tell it is a pretty solid bike, allegedly bored to a 408 by the Tulsa, OK Honda shop. Rear end has been rebuilt with all new bearings as well. Apparently runs on 91 octane only, won't start or run on 87 octane or anything with ethanol according to the guy I got it from. It has the typical 85 frame cracks under the seat and on the LH side by the motor mount with one professional welding repair, gussets in its future I'm sure. Plastic is all there, has a DG Xccelerator spark arrestor setup that burned a hold in the RH plastic behind the kick starter. Other than that its pretty well all there and works as it should. The guy I got it from claims to have over $4k in this project and spent $1500 on the motor work alone. Tires are about 6 months old, in great shape yet. This trike is fast and gonna take some getting used to!

    So I drove 8 hours round trip to pick this thing up and gave $1500 for it. What do y'all think? Did I do good, seems to be the going rate for a decent 350x any more.

    Thanks for having me on the site, what a great resource of information!
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    welcome to the board... cant tell a lot from the pics, but from what you can see it looks like you did OK to me.. don't know what area you're from, but in my area that machine would be 1500-2000 all day long... congrats, it can be very hard to find a decent machine for a fair price these days...

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    Thanks NG! Its all there and everything works as it should except for the lights front/rear which will be a winter project, not sure I'd want to ride this thing in the dark anyway!

    From what little i've ridden it I've got some serious muscle conditioning to do to hold on to it. Fires right up first or second kick, no leaks, needs a seat cover and plastics, but original tank isn't too beat up, has the knee dent on the RH side but good condition otherwise. Would be a great candidate for frame off resto but that can wait til I'm too old to ride it!

    I was in the market for a bada** 3 wheeler and apparently I managed to snag the big block king of 3 wheelers!

    Future plans include a case saver and 6 pack rack, but as is its ready to put some hours on!

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    I think you did great!

    You already mentioned some of the major points that you need to protect and keep an eye on.

    The frame crack should be welded up nice and solid (if it isn't already). You don't want that to progress and fracture completely... if that happened, many other things could get taken out.

    The frame gusseting is the ticket apparently, as a LOT of guys do this to reinforce the frame. My only thoughts are to not get carried away and add 20 pounds of steel to the frame. Make the gussets as efficiently as possible and be sure to think about clearance and interference issues as you go. The rear brake master cylinder is an easy one to forget about.

    ABSOLUTELY get your case saver installed. It is such an easy piece to attach, and the ramifications of NOT having it installed are too severe to justify ever leaving it off. If you need one, Tapper on this board (and 3WW) sells a reproduction them for a reasonable price.

    If you don't have it yet, get the complete service manual for this machine. There are links around this site to get it, and if you have access to cheap printing (work for example) print it out and put it in a binder. The service manuals that Honda makes are really good at walking you through everything from basic maintenance to rebuilding the motor. I couldn't get by without it. It takes much of the mystery out of "Hey, where does this washer go?" or "How in the heck does this come apart?".

    On any new machine, regardless of what the previous owner says he did, I like to go through the basic maintenance items myself and make sure they are right:

    - Oil and Filter change with the Oil that I like
    - Clean and oil the air filter (very important that you OIL the air filter)
    - Adjust chain tension, clean and lube the chain
    - Check / Adjust valve clearance
    - Replace spark plug with new one (especially if they are using a champion, I like NGK)

    If you want to go to the next level (if you are feeling particularly anal retentive),
    - Clean and change the oil in the front forks
    - Adjust the preload on the rear shock for your weight
    - Change the brake fluid (hardly anybody does this, but it isn't unreasonable to do this every few years)
    - Lube the rear shock pivot points with high moly content grease (use the official Honda-moly grease that costs a zillion dollars, but is worth it)
    - Remove all the major bolts on the machine and apply anti-sieze compound to protect for the future (motor mount bolts, front axle, swing arm pivot, rear wheel hub splines)

    That last list is just if you REALLY want to dig into it. At some point in the machines life though, each of those are things that you should do. And the manual makes it pretty easy.

    Have fun!
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    Thanks for all the great advice wonderboy! I did already save a copy of the complete workshop manual to my computer, need to take advantage of the work printer and get it in a binder. Any idea where to get a copy of the owners guide?

    Attached are several more pictures of the specific issues found and overall condition. Gonna adjust the chain tension and put some hours on it after work tomorrow. So far starts up great, sounds mean and runs out very hard. Nice to buy something off craigslist and it actually be what it was advertised.

    Pretty sure I'm hooked on the 350x. Grew up on a Kawasaki KLT250 on the farm, just recently dug 2 older ATC's out of the weed row at a buddy's house and got them running (gotta love a Honda!) and that's all it took to create an obsession!

    Thanks for the tip on the case saver, sent Tapper190 a private message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AtcTrike View Post
    Did I do good, seems to be the going rate for a decent 350x any more.
    I think you did good. If it indeed has had all that work done you did awesome!

    Welcome to the site!

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