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Thread: couple more things to do, but almost done.

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    Default couple more things to do, but almost done.

    pictures doesn't show it all, but most of what Ive done... got a couple more things to do and ill post up the end results.. all that will be left is to tear down, paint and powder...IMG_20141110_084509_426[1].jpgIMG_20141106_152200_830[1].jpgIMG_20141113_165343_244[1].jpgIMG_20141011_155556_356[1].jpg

    also traded the 85 i fixed up, for this... even trade..IMG_20141024_232842_231[1].jpg
    85 fl350r, Honda odyssey... hahaha, i cant get the stupid odyssey pics to face the right way, so just tilt or stand on your!!
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