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Thread: Carburetor: 400ex or FCR ?

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    Default Carburetor: 400ex or FCR ?

    Newbie here. Just bought a 350X and looking to upgrade the powertrain. I see that the 400ex carb is a good upgrade, but was curious how it stacked up to the FCR (39mm I believe).

    In limited research, it appears the FCR will cost at least $300 (unless I'm misinformed), whereas the 400ex carb can be bought new for $130.

    I'm adding a 10.25:1 high comp piston and web cam, as well as a DG exhaust kit and K&N filter (with airbox mods/holes as needed).

    Is the FCR carb worth the money, or is the 400ex carb all I need?

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    I'm a big fan of the FCR but I didn't ever run a 400ex carb.

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