New to this site but I will do my best.I Bought a 86 350X for sale in Marvel Lock ,Western Australia for $5000 AU .It was imported from America as they never sold this model in shops back then so I saw a opportunity to have something unique.I have a ATC70 & 3 Yamaha 225dx trikes in various conditions but could not help but get excited about this model.Very little use but looked tatty so kept others away.A test ride on the Farm when I got it scared the crap out of me.What a beast.We have Tri-Zeds & 250R,s but not many of this model.As I borrowed money I cant afford replacement parts right now but this gives me more time to fuss over restoring it.First things I have noticed are the decompression lever does not work & becaust the last owner replaced the clutch packs my guess is he reassembled it wrong.The only cracks in the frame are under the seat rubber blokes.Nothing to worry about I think.I replaced the aluminium engine mount spacers today with new ones I made on the lathe to exact fits so no frame flex after bolting back up.I see silicon was used to seal the heads top cam half so suspect its been off at some stage by a previous owner. To be honest if it has had any repairs it was done very professionally.I found the air box was not on the carburetor but right next to it.Glad I did not ride it in the dunes straight away.My only modifications will be exhaust & perhaps the 400ex carburetor idea.I have a Supertrapp muffler for it already connected to the pipe from the standard muffler I cut off. I thought the exhaust sound was a bit weird & I am thinking its because the standard header pipes are different lengths so the shock waves dont match at there ends.My thoughts are if I fix this the sound will much better.No more Bloop,Bloop sound.A good experiment to do if no one has tried this before.I test run Pulse Jets as well and know how important shock waves are.Anyway its a Beast & will pamper it to death for years to come.Chris