Honda ATC 350X – Gusset Kit

85/86 ATC 350X Frame Gusset Kit

Often imitated but never duplicated. The ORIGINAL 350X TPC Frame Gusset Kit. Don’t settle for a cheap imitation!
Our kits have been developed with over 27 years of experience with the ATC 350X. We have had them (350X’s) from the beginning. We know where, and why they fail and have a time tested proven system that gives you a solid foundation upon which to build your 350X. You can order individual kits to address certain problems or go for the full kit and take care of it once and for all.
Others have attempted to copy our design but have no idea about what makes our modifications successful. Ask yourself: Do you want experience? Or, do you want to take a chance on what “Johnny-Come-Lately” is offering?

The ATC 350X Frame Gusset Kit is easy to install yourself or we can install it for you.
Complete Gusset Kit – $115.00 shipped anywhere cont. USA
Installed – $300.00 plus return S&H
For additional charge they can powder coat it.

Find it at TPC TRIKES